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Ogwell Community Shop project update

Ogwell Community Shop Project Announcement.

Published: October 5, 2023

We have an opportunity to bid for a grant to get funding to refurbish the corner shop on Margret Road/Abbotsridge (the Country Panier as was) and take on a lease to run it as a community enterprise. With more than 1400 homes in the area, and daily visits from school parents & children we think this is a great opportunity to bring forward a real community asset.
We will be working on technical plans for a bid, but we need your help:
👉If you could answer this VERY short survey ( ) it will help us evidence the support for opening the shop and will help give the Community Shop/Hub team an idea of what you think is most important. Community support is key to bidding for funds.
See also page 6 of this month’s parish magazine for our other work relating to the Jolly Sailor.

We need every adult in the parish to complete this most simple of surveys. Let’s do this!

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