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Local Plan review: Add Your Voice

Decisions on the location and size of new housing developments are often controversial. Few people welcome a huge new housing estate being built on the green fields near their property, especially if they cannot see the need.

Published: 17 March 2023

Anyone concerned about how development in their area will take place has an opportunity to make their views known via the consultation currently open on Teignbridge District Council’s Local Plan 2020-2040

Ogwell Parish Council is preparing its response to the consultation and welcomes input from parishioners. You can make an individual response if you prefer by completing the questionnaire.

The consultation, which closes on July 13th, is on Part 1 of the Local Plan. This covers how planning decisions will be made. The consultation on Part 2, which covers where development takes place, is scheduled for early 2021. The policies laid out in the Local Plan must be in line with the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Local Plan is a substantial document but don’t let that put you off! Take a look at the response from ACT (Action on Climate in Teignbridge) or the Wolborough Residents Association in association with Abbotskerwell Parish Council and CPRE (below). These are also quite lengthy documents but may help you focus on the factors that matter most to you.

The existing plan (Local Plan 2033) was consulted on between 2010-2014 and adopted in 2014. It will govern planning decisions until the new plan (Local Plan 2020-2040) is adopted, which is timetabled for next year. TDC is obliged to review its Local Plan every five years.

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