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Waste and Recycling

Foil Recycling

You can now recycle foil in your black recycling box!

Published: March 17, 2023

You can now recycle foil in your black recycling box!      

The following items will now be accepted for recycling;

Foil containers including ready meal trays, quiche & pie cases, take away trays and pet food trays.

Foil lids including such as those found on some yoghurt and cream tubs and pet food trays. Please rinse off any food residue.

Kitchen foil, please don’t include any foil that has lots of baked on food or is very greasy.

Not sure if its foil? Do the scrunch test!

Scrunch the pack or foil in your hand. If it stays scrunched it’s foil and can be recycled. If it springs open then its plastic film and cannot be recycled.

No thanks

Some things look like foil but are plastic such as crisp packets, drink, baby and pet food pouches, shiny ‘foil’ gift wrap. Please put these in your black bin.

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